Standardized Practices

Use a standardized process for collecting and analyzing data to assist treatment professionals for treatment planning and discharge.

Standardized Processes

Intake and Discharge

How it works

Upon Entering Your Treatment Program

  • At the beginning of treatment, residents/clients complete inventory(s) to assess areas of addiction and mental health issues.

  • The process is efficient and easy, only taking 10-15 minutes to complete.

  • The data collected significantly supports counselors in treatment planning.


Upon Completing The Rehabilitation Treatment Program

  • At the completion of treatment, residents/clients complete the same inventory(s) as they did at intake.

  • A report is automatically generated that your clinicians and health professionals can use as part of the discharge process.

  • This report provides objective information that shows the specific ways your treatment program has made a difference in the lives of your clients.

  • The results of the report are used as a springboard for discussion for next steps after discharge.