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Data Analysis

Collect data and use descriptive and inferential statistics to evaluate the effectiveness of your treatment program.


Aggregate Data

How it works

Long Term Data Collection

  • After a six month period, we perform a statistical analysis to measure the effectiveness of your treatment program.

  • We provide stratified data analysis and descriptive and inferential statistics. This means you are implementing a rigorous, scientific process to quantify the effectiveness of your treatment program. 

  • We break down the data in an easy to read summary report, and provide an online presentation for your entire team.

  • Your clinicians, counsellors, and treatment professionals will have graphics and visuals to see how residents/clients have improved from the beginning to end of treatment.

  • The data is presented so that you obtain the big picture and also gives you a way to do more fine tuned granular analyses.


The Power of Inferential Statistics

  • In our analysis, we perform rigorous statistical methods that give you meaningful, empirically based, quantitative data that is relevant to addiction and mental health and well being.

  • This information is useful to all members of your treatment team, including counselors, support staff and marketing professionals. 

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